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The Nilotic are migrant groups indigenous to the Great River Nile. Over the centuries they dispersed into Egypt, Sudan, Ethiopia and throughout East Africa in Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi, the Congo and Tanzania. They further emerged into subdivisions such as the Luo and the Kharamojong of Uganda and Kenya; the Dinka, Sara, Shilluk and the Nuer of Sudan and the Maasai, the Maa and Kalenjin of Kenya.

My name is ANENO, which translates as ‘I see' is Luo from the Acholi people of Northern Uganda. We emerged from Southern Sudan around 1000 AD and in true Nilotic style like my forefathers, I too grew up globe trotting. 

NILOTIC ADVENTURES emerged out of a desire to share my East African Heritage with fellow travel enthusiasts, connect with solo travellers in search of buddies and especially, assist those with a desire to visit Africa but nervous or unsure about where to start.

Women stood next to rhinoceros
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As a child I was not fond of travelling. My father was a diplomat so we relocated a lot. I had multiple school experiences and home addresses so never really fitted in anywhere. However, as travelling was the one constant in my life,  I began to appreciate it more. Before I  knew it, I found myself becoming the go to person whenever people needed help organising getaways and that when  my love for adventure really took off. 

I may be new to the business arena but I have a lifetime of globe trotting experiences, strong personal as well as professional international connections and an unmatched love for discovery and adventure which I look forward to sharing with you.


SylviaJR, LONDON, 5 * Yell Review 

“Anenos organised a girls getaway to Paris. She was clear about the package which included Afropunk festival, the fine dining Bustronome experience around Paris, river Seine cruise lunch and diner at the Moulin Rouge which was mind blowing. It was an unforgettable experience. Everything was very well organised. I look forward to my next adventure with Nilotic Adventures."

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